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In Ýzmir , Cebir Packing is a first company which remembered once of others ,about carboard. It continues to investments still. The company continues to make investment for beter serve  to customers that add
new machines to its constituation  every year . At fisrst , at the point of automotive sector our company serves to all sector. Everytime it prvents with to made  quality works. Because of we work with together a big 
part of companies export  who export, as for packing , we behave the uttermost sensitive . we can meet  all desires of companies who can be careful with harmonize to EU conditions and the
quality is at first .



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C-001 C-002 C-003 C-004 C-005 C-006
C-007 C-008 C-009 C-010 C-011 C-012
C-013 C-014 C-015 C-016 C-017 C-018
C-019 C-020 C-021 C-022 C-023 C-024
C-025 C-026 C-027 C-028 C-029 C-030
C-031 C-032 C-033 C-034 C-035 C-036
C-037 C-038 C-039 C-040 C-041 C-042
C-043 C-044 C-045      
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